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L Legendary
O Overwhelming
R Rounded
E Entertaining
L Lucky
E Exhausting
E Exquisite

How to make a lorelee
5 parts competetiveness
5 parts crazyiness
5 parts joy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of curiosity

my adopted babies! =) :

Love Level: 77%

huli ka!

did you know that i can earn thousands of pesos from this single receipt? i can report this establishment to the BIR because of failure to disclose the breakdown of their VAT. see that red circle on top? they placed that they are a VAT-paying establishment, but according to the 1997 national internal revenue code of the philippines (naks! hehe), the selling price (gross of tax) should be indicated in the receipt, with the corresponding tax rate and tax due, which will total to the overall amount that a customer will pay (including the tax already). on the other hand, if a business is exempted from VAT or is qualified for a zero-vat ruling, they will not pay the said tax, but should also indicate in the receipt that they are exempted.

...but i won't report this business, for i really love their shrimp paste fried rice with toppings and shredded green mangoes to death! hehe =P


happy 1 year & 9 months monthsary to us!!! =)

even though we're thousands of miles apart, we can still both feel our love for one another. no one, not even the distance between us, can ever separate us.

baby, i love you so much!!!

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listen by stonefree

to all those who love the background music here in my blog, here is the lyrics of the said song.

come on, sing with me! :)

Close the door
I feel a breeze hold me please
I hate to be alone
It's a cold night, turn off the light
Come take my hand and...

to these things I have to say
please understand
she left me, all alone again

Clear the room
Of every memory
I don't want that song back on
It's an endless maze
Take away this haze
Please mend my heart and...

to these things I have to say
please understand
she left me, all alone again

to these things I have to say
please understand
she left me, all alone again

Turn away
Don't want you to see me cry
I just want things the way they were
It's so hard to say goodbye
Wipe my tears and...

to these things I have to say
please understand
she left me, all alone again

This I ask of you
Please stay with me
Until she comes back

i have a new black 30G ipod video. coolness :)
love it


the happy gurl :D

mental flexibility test

another brain damaging test c/o my managerial accounting prof. put your answers on my comment box oki:

this test does not measure your IQ with words and certainly not your mathematical flexibility. it will however give you some gauge of you mental flexibility and creativity. in the many years since this test was developed, few people have been able to solve more than half of the 48 items on the first try. many however, have reported getting answers long after the test had been set aside, particularly at unexpected moments when their minds were relaxed. take this as a personal challenge!!! there aro no jokes or tricks. the items are all well known like the following example:

12 - M in a Y

Answer: 12 months in a year

(***TIP: this test was i think made in US, so some of the questions down there are related to the said country***)

gets niyo ba? if oo, then game na! =D

26 - L of the A
7 - W of the W
1,001 - A N
12 - S of the Z
54 - C in a D (with 2 J's)
9 - P in the S S
187,100 - M per S is the S of L
88 - K on a P
13 - S on the A F
32 - D F at which W F
18 - H on a G C
90 - D in a R A
200 - D for P G in M
8 - S on a S S
3 - B M (S H T R)
4 - Q in a G
1 - W on a U
5 - D in a Z C
57 - H V
11 - P on a F T
1,000 - W that a P is W
29 - D in F in a L Y
40 - D and N of the G F
12 - K of the R T
3 - P for a F G in F
20 - Y that R V W S
101 - D
60 - S in a M
25,000 - M around the E
100 - T a S L strikes the E
7 - H of R
56 - S of the D of I
5 - F on the H
40 - T (with A B)
30 - D has S A J and N
1 - D at a T
10 - A to the B of R
435 - M of the H of R
16 - O in a P
21 - I C F at B R
50 - C in a H D
2 - T D (and a P in a P T)
4 - H of the A
13 - C in a S
8 - P of S in the E L
20,000 - L U the S
9 - I in a B G
7 - Y of B L if Y B a M

did you know that i flunk this test?!
as in malaking B-A-G-S-A-K!!!

answers answers answers

this is what you guys have been waiting for! hehe =) the answers on my 2nd quiz.

get your red ballpens, and check your own papers. no cheating!!! ;P

Lion in carebears: Braveheart
Housemaid of richy rich: Irona
Witch in Popeye: The Seahag
The Volkswagon in Transformers: Bumblebee
Veronica Lodge's father: Mr. Hiram Lodge
Rainbow Brite's horse: Starlite
Fred Flintston's daughter: Pebbles
Yellow lion pilot in voltron: Hank
The kingdom of He-man: Eternia
Mayor of springfield: "Diamond Joe" Quimby
Pig in Garfield and Friends: Orson
Girl in glasses in Scoobydoo: Velma
Ghostbuster's car: Ecto 1
Lady reporter in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: April O'Neil
The hand in addam's family: Thing
Girl in Daimos: Erica
He-man's tiger: Battle Cat
Princess in Mario Bros: Princess Toadstool
Skunk in bugs bunny: Pepe le Pew
Coyote's full name: Wile E. Coyote
Supplier of looney toons: ACME
Donald Duck's wealthy uncle: Uncle Scrooge
The last dinosaur: Denver
Huckleberry hound's song: Oh, my darling Clementine
Convenient store in simpsons: Quick E-Mart!/ Kwik-E Mart
Carebear's enemy: Noheart
He's the mean, lean, karate machine: Karate Kat
The first anime: Astroboy
The youngest Gummi Bear: Cubbi
Yogi bear's sidekick: Booboo
Superfriend's assembly place: The Hall of Justice
Spiderman's girlfriend: Mary Jane Watson
The 3 chipmunks: Alvin, Simon, Thedore
The rat in teenage mutant ninja turtles: Master Splinter
Cartoons about the new testament: The Flying House
Carebear's leader: Tenderheart
The head of transformer's enemies: Megatron
Dennis the Menace's bestfriend: Joey
Superfriend who gets his power from a ring: Green Lantern
The robot in Superbook: Gizmo

congrats to jonas diego, for getting 35/40 correct answers!(WOW) congrats again!

so guys, how did you fair? =)


at about 2 am last july 11, ronn texted me and told me that he will call me at around 6 am, philippines time. so i was very very excited, waiting patiently for his call, and when i finally did heard his voice for the first time in 2 weeks, i was overwhelmingly happy. basta, the feeling was incredible and indescribable. i missed his voice so much! and hearing him say sweet words to me was the best feeling in the world! i am so happy that he called me on my birthday, for his voice is enough for me to even feel happy on my birthday.

at 8 am, i already went to sgv for my ojt. ok, so yen and i did the jobs that were told to us. my ojtmates have no clue that it was my birthday that day, and i just don't feel like ranting them that it was my birthday blah blah blah. it was like an ordinary day for me, just the way that i wanted it to be.
yen and moi. MC 2- EVC the best! =)

after lunch, yen, me, and ms. april, our staff-in-charge, went to this public hospital for our field work. there we had our very first walk-through, and it was exciting yet nervous at the same time! exciting for of course, we're going to be like real cpas, investigating the system and process of a client (looking for possible fraud?), and nervous because the people there shouldn't know that we were just ojts! it's prohibited for ojts to do the field work, and of course, what will the staffs there will feel if the people who investigate them and make pakialam to them are just students.

yen and i have to act as if were real auditors. ms. april segregated us into our respective assignments, and i was tasked to know the purchases and cash disbursements of the said hospital. at the end of the day, after knowing all those stuff about your client, you'll realize the anomalies going on inside their organization. the wrong doings, the connivance between the employees, etc. this is how it feels pala to be an auditor! =)

at 5pm, we already left the hospital and went back to sgv. we arrived there at about 530pm, and we immediately time-out in the buddy clock and went straight to la salle. i still have a 740-910pm law class you know. but before that, there i met up with ronn's mom and aunt, and they gave me ronn's gift, and also treated me for dinner. it was a nice dinner, and i had a fun conversation with them. at about 715pm, i said goodbye already to them, and then went to my law class.

our law class was going smoothly, with rounds of recitation going on, until this one classmate of ours had her recitaion. she was not serious with her recitation, and she also didn't know the correct answers, and was all giggly during her recitation, which made our prof really mad. as in he went berserk and shouted at her, and even punched his fist on the black board. he was so scary as in!!! his usual smiley and angelic face turned into a satanic look. well i can't blame him, for our classmate was just simply pasaway. no wonder he got pikon and very angry. if i was on his place, i will also feel the same. we were only on our first 30minutes of our class when that happened, and our prof just walked out, and so we had our early dismissal. wow, so much for my happy birthday huh? what a way to end my day.

so there, after that, i immediately went home, and there i saw some foods for my birthday. i just ate my handa quietly, still disturbed on what happened in our class earlier. then, i just automatically went to sleep, feeling tired after all that have happened on this birthday of mine.

burdei gurl na mukhang tukmol hehehe :)
it was not a happy day, so unlikely with what i was expecting for my birthday. nevertheless, overall i was still happy because of ronn's call and my 1st audit work. by the way, i would like to thank all those who greeted me, especially to all my bloggie friends!!! thank you so much! :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Like most of the music from the Super Fly album, "Freddie's Dead" appears in the film only in an instrumental arrangement, without any lyrics. The song's upbeat ska based melody stands in direct contrast to its stark lyrical content which relates the story of a married couple's divorce difficulties as they fight for custody over their daughter.  The video features frantic editing and camera movement and includes first-person footage of the camera attached to Walter A. Kibby II's trumpet, Chris Dowd's swinging keyboard mount, and Norwood Fisher's bass.